Portraits: Four climate stakeholders

Below you can watch the videos of four Dutch climate stakeholders.


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André Hassink: You can start to do something tomorrow

André Hassink works as an area manager in the province of Limburg.


Arien Scholtens: Important to get different people involved

Arien Scholtens works as sustainability officer and as a LEI Coach in the province Overijssel where she helps initiatives with the challenges they face.



Chan Botter: We can get a whole lot done

While studying Chan became team manager of SOLID, one of Eindhoven University’s student teams. They work on a new, clean energy technology called Iron Fuel. It uses iron from scrap metal in a process releasing a lot of heat, which can be used as an energy source. The team is currently figuring out the reverse process: to turn rust into iron again.

Marcel Kleizen: Bicycles make the whole city more beautiful



Marcel Kleizens enthusiasm about cycling directly shows why he was chosen as Bicycle Major of The Hague. Marcel has also founded a platform that connects different bicycle courier companies in the Netherlands, and he started a bicycle taxi company in The Hague.



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