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We are creating a new educational approach to climate change to be used inside and outside the classroom in all of Europe. We believe that climate change is an international problem that requires international solutions. In the EU, our 27 governments need to take ambitious and concrete action – not least on a European level. In order to do this, we need to understand each other. We need to understand the national obstacles that block the path and we need to inspire each other with green succes stories. This is the foundation of the ECCC: The European Climate Change Curriculum.

We want to create a European climate change curriculum that will enable high school students to understand and act on the political, economic and technological perspectives of climate change. Limiting climate change has moved to the top of the political agenda in many European countries. Every week, tens of thousands of European youths gather to voice their frustration with the lack of real action that will meet the targets as stated in the Paris Accords.

Students certainly learn about climate change and possible solutions today, but mainly in a very national context that focuses on the country’s own challenges and solutions. In order to empower the next generation of European citizens to cooperate and develop international and innovative solutions, they need to know the challenges and ideas of other countries. The European Climate Change Curriculum aims to provide just that.

The main product of these efforts is the e-book below. The e-book contains links to videos and exercises on this website.

The e-book can also be downloaded as a pdf file by clicking here.

ECCC e-book version 1


The participating organisations in the ECCC project are

Demokrati i Europa Oplysningsforbundet (DEO), Denmark
Roskilde Gymnasium, Denmark
Gimnazija Bora Stankovic, Serbia
Tænketanken CONCITO, Denmark
Centar za razvoj gradjanskog drustva PROTECTA, Serbia
IES Federico García Lorca, Spain
Fundacion Ecologia y Desarrollo, Spain
Onderwijsstichting Esprit, The Netherlands
Stichting Natuur en Milieu Overijssel, The Netherlands

Questions or comments about the project? You can contact DEO, the main applicant organisation, at undervisning@deo.dk